Baby Diapers

We have a wide variety of baby diapers available. Some available features include: legcuffs, leakguards, magic adhesive tape, Velro strips, wetness indicators, personalized artwork, and elastic waistbands.


  1. Added Aloe, this prevents babies from contracting germs and keeps them lubricated and comfortable
  2. Velcro tape with colorful and playful designs, also allows refastening of diaper
  3. Soft, breathable layers, allows fresh air to circulate through the diaper, leaving the baby dry and preventing diaper rash
  4. Leak-proof leg cuffs, prevent leakage through the legs
  5. Super absorbent polymer, absorbs liquid quickly and locks it away keeping the baby dry and comfortable

Style, color, size, weight, material and packing can customized for each order.