About Us

E-Way International’s headquarters are based in Shanghai and span over 200,000 square feet of the most advanced production lines in the industry. Our USA office is located in Los Angeles, CA. Our facilities have over 10 different production lines specifically engineered to produce sanitary napkins, adult diapers, bladder control pads, liners, underpads baby diapers and pull ups, wet wipes and many other products, geared especially to your specifications and requirements. We create custom private-label products according to your specific requirements and specifications.

Our company has surpassed international quality management requirements and is always striving to create the highest quality products at cost-effective prices to help people live freely, comfortably and without restriction.

We employ a full time quality control team at our Shanghai plant, that ensure all standards and specifications are exceeded according to USA rules and regulations. Process and product improvement, along with innovation are taking place in our testing plant on a continual basis. Our excellent Quality Management Systems, customer service, on tiime delivery and competitive pricing enable us to be among the best in the industry.

We can tailor our raw materials, assembly lines and machinery to meet your specifications. Our products can be made unique to your needs with regards to raw materials, absorption capacity, weight, packaging materials etc.

Our E-Way family welcomes your business, we look forward to partnering with you to provide you with the highest quality products and competitive, cost-effective prices. Contact us today!